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  • August 09, 2023

Why do custom T-shirts or polo shirts prefer to choose the screen printing?

When we customize T-shirts or polo shirts, we are most concerned about the design of patterns and the choice of printing technology. Different printing process choices  

will also have huge differences in the presentation effect of the pattern. An ordinary pattern, if you choose a special printing process, can also show a different effect. Our printing process selection mainly depends on the design of the pattern and personal preference, of course, the price will also have an impact. 

Some printing processes are charged according to the color, such as screen printing, and some printing processes are charged according to the pattern area, such as heat transfer. Therefore, if we want to control the cost of custom T-shirts or polo shirts and better display our design patterns, we need to know some knowledge about the printing process 

Why do custom T-shirts or polo shirts prefer to choose the screen printing?

Next, Dora garment t-shirt customization will introduce the screen printing process that many companies prefer among many printing processes. 

一: Screen printing has a long history 

Screen printing originated in China and has a history of more than 2,000 years. As early as the Qin and Han dynasties in ancient China, the method of clip printing appeared. By the Eastern Han Dynasty, the method of batik with valerian has become popular, and the level of printed products has also improved. During the Great Ye period of the Sui Dynasty, people began to use the frame stretched with silk screen for

printing, so that the clip printing process developed into screen printing.

Screen printing is a great invention in China. Promote the development of human material civilization in the world. Today, two thousand years later, screen printing technology has been continuously developed and perfected, and it has

become an indispensable part of human life.  

二:the advantages of screen printing  

1. Large batch  

2, the price is cheap  

3. Bright colors  

4. Long shelf life  

5. Fast delivery, etc.  

三. Screen printing process  

Process 1: Printing  

The design provided by the designer will be handed over to the professional plate-making company to make the film according to the requirements, and one film will be made for each color, so the color of the design cultural shirt should not be too many, the more colors, the higher the cost. Send the film that has been made to the printing factory for printing, and it is also necessary to have a version of

the same color. The printed version should be carefully inspected. You can

first use white powder to print the pattern on the table, and some places need

to be repaired with water.  

Process 2: Adjusting the paddle   

According to the design draft, use the color card to match the corresponding color card number, and each color has corresponding color matching instructions, such as what proportion of green pigment and yellow pigment to use. Adjust the glue according to the required color according to the proportion. Pour the prepared glue into the screen plate, mix thoroughly, press it on the paved T-shirt piece, and brush it back

and forth with a wooden flat plate.    

Process 3: Proofing   


First, locate, find the center point, and the position of the pattern from the neckline, make a mark, and lay the T-shirt pieces on the table according to the mark. The table is brushed with glue, and the cultural shirt pieces will stick to the table. Avoid moving. After lifting the screen board, wait for the glue to dry before brushing the second coat. After one set of colors is finished, brush the second and third

sets of colors.  

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